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1. What is the usual turn-around time for repairs ?

Most repairs take about 2 to 9 working days. Turn-around time can be a little longer if parts are required. However, our service staff will notify you of an estimated wait time. At ProService Electronics, we make every effort to ensure your product gets serviced as quickly as possible. Same day service is available on request and there may be additional costs, please call us for details.

2. What is needed to repair a product under warranty ?

The bill of sale - and only the bill of sale, not a credit card receipt - is required for all warranty service. In some cases, warranty service is subject to the manufacturer's approval. Under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, abuse, impact, and water and/or sand damage are not covered.

3. What is the process for non-warranty repair work ?

You will need to pay an estimate fee (ranging from $15 to $50 + GST) for our technician to check over your unit. You will be informed of the repair cost. No surprises!! No repairs will be done without your prior approval. Then the estimate fee will be deducted from the final labour costs if you decide to go ahead with the repair and the unit is fixed.
All Estimate Fees are due upon drop off. A technician will not be able to look at the unit without payment first.

4. Where can I send the unit for repair ?

You can bring it to our retail location at the address listed below. You can also ship the product to us, our address is:
9625 62 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6E 0E1

5. Who pays for shipping ?

The customer is responsible to bring or ship the unit for repair to our service location. However, a special shipping carrier can be arranged for a fee. Some manufacturers will cover the cost of shipping back a unit under warranty. Please call us for more details.

6. How do I know if my unit is under warranty ?

The manufacturer offers a warranty period for your unit. Please bring the unit in with your proof of purchase and we will be able to verify the warranty period. Otherwise, please consult your owner's manual for the warranty period or contact the manufacturer for verification of warranty service.

Please do not hesitate to call us at:
ProService Edmonton: 780-423-0842